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Herman van Herterijck

Co-founder tèn company

After a long career as a top executive in the fast-moving goods industry,
Herman is now active as a non-executive director and advisor at various
companies, including multinationals, SMEs and start-ups.

He has a strong track record of revitalizing companies, successfully taking them
to the next step on their development roadmap. Building self-managing
entrepreneurial teams and coaching business leaders in fast changing
environments is one of his key strengths. As a charismatic leader, he
understands the art of getting the best out of people and their teams and
helping them grow together with their business.

Having seen too many business leaders struggle to realize their strategic plans
and fail to achieve their strategic objectives, Herman has developed a very
pragmatic methodology based on his many years of experience, called
Strategy-Into-Action (SIA). SIA is a very practical method to concretely
translate strategies into successful action. The method does not require any
complicated processes. On the contrary, it is based on simple logic, reflected in
a clear step-by-step approach, enriched also with many useful management

The SIA manual, as Herman calls it, has been recently published*. It is not just
another book about developing a strategy. On the contrary, the SIA approach
starts with business strategy as a foundation and then focuses on helping

leaders and their teams to effectively translate their strategy into concrete
actions and orchestrate and monitor execution across the entire company.

*= Please send us an email via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you want to order a copy of this book. We will make sure that your request gets to the right person. 100% of the revenues of this book go to Doctors Without Borders.

Strategy-in-Action (SIA) is a very practical method for Strategy Execution, that

allows you to:

  • Easily translate your strategy into clear priorities and actions
  • Achieve your goals year after year
  • Stimulate continuous improvements and make step-changes
  • Monitor and adjust your progress in real time
  • Form driven and self-leading teams
  • Stimulate entrepreneurship at all levels within the company
  • Promote inclusivity through true involvement of all employees
  • Create a healthy interactive corporate culture
  • And last but not least keeps everyone fully focused on your customers every day