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No time to read? Try this. 

Continuing to inspire yourself is perhaps the most important tool that you need to stay relevant...for yourself and for the organization that you work with.

Research shows that only a very small percentage of managers really behave in an innovative way. We’re talking about managers here who see whether things can be done differently...leaders who come up with new ideas and approaches.

Inertia is a real sniper for us and for companies. We often continue to go through the motions. We’re hanging around in our own routines, careful not to reinvent the wheel every time. This inertia helps us preserve scarce resources and saves us money.

But not always! And, in this market it’s certainly not good enough! Think for a minute about what happened to Nokia, Polaroid, the classic automotive companies versus Tesla, classic brick & mortar retail versus Amazon. To be competitive in five years' time, companies have to disrupt themselves. 

And that all starts with the business leaders. With you.


Keep inspiring yourself. It is effective to read one or more relevant books weekly, but many people cannot find the time for that. A useful alternative is to use your travel time to listen to inspiring books or articles. Make your car or your train journey into a private classroom.


The internet is full of interesting podcasts, interviews and lectures that you can use free of charge.

A few sources that I like to use myself.

On the road

On average, we travel for about 60 minutes to and from work each day. For some of us, this can even go up to 120 minutes round trip. That’s a stunning average of 260 workable days per year. So, in total we’re looking at about 260 to 520 hours per year. That is more than 6 to 13 working weeks per year! Time that you can also spend on free training. That’s low hanging fruit. Right there waiting. And it’s free of charge.

Hopefully this inspires.

Paul Donkers

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By Paul Donkers

"my purpose is to help improve strategy execution, to create high performing teams and coach for effective business leaders"

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