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2020 is different than any other year. One that will undoubtedly go into the history books. Now that many of us have returned to school and work, it is time for a moment of reflection. What has 2020 brought me so far? 

Immanuel Kant said in the 18th century: optimism is a moral duty. That’s why I want to share three things that I am grateful for in 2020.


The crisis sometimes changed the character of the conversations with our relations. While we are used to having intense conversations, it sometimes went further. Since we were all overwhelmed by the same situation, it also gave us a sense of belonging. As a result, many relationships deepened. 


I am grateful for the adaptability that so many of our relationships have shown in the last six months. I've often heard how amazed some managers are at the pace at which their teams were able to run the entire business from home in a matter of days. So, the question then becomes: why do so many change projects take years? Apparently, it can also be done in a matter of days! Dealing with change always has to do with either avoiding something (Covid) or achieving something. Now that the first threat appears to have been mitigated, it is time for companies to connect to their purpose. I find the "proof" that change can be fast, very inspiring. I deeply hope that this will eventually also have a positive impact on the sustainability focus and digitization of companies.



The reduced activity of our consultancy work in tèn company gave me the opportunity to invest in the Ikigai Coaching Institute. Ikigai Question Game is a few years old. In April 2020, we rolled out a global certification for professional users. This took time and money in a very uncertain time. We have now built up a worldwide community of close to 50 Professional Certified Ikigai Coaches, operating in all the major markets. All Certified Ikigai Coaches are trained by us. And while this was mentally quite challenging, I think this was a good time to start this. Because I believe that investing during a downturn offers a good momentum to create real change.

But how grateful I am for the fantastic new group of coaches I got to know through this! And the meaning that teaching gives me at my deepest level. It is truly an honor to work with a group of professionals who are now enabling at least 100,000 people to unlock their Ikigai by the end of 2025.


Three things that 2020 brought me so far. What has 2020 brought you?


Hopefully this inspires.


Enjoy the rest of your summer and enjoy spring for all my friends down under!


Onward, Paul

By Paul Donkers

"my purpose is to help improve strategy execution, to create high performing teams and coach for effective business leaders"

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