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Ants on a shrimp

‘It isn’t quite as good as eating at Noma, but it’s the closest we’ll probably ever get.’

★★★★★, Eater

Recently I had an opportunity to watch the documentary: Ants on a shrimp. The fascinating story about Danish chef René Redzepi who moves with his entire staff from Copenhagen to Japan to create a temporary restaurant in the heart of Tokyo. He creates a completely new world class new menu, based on the Japanese kitchen in just five weeks time.

As I have a special interest for people and businesses that are able to really reinvent themselves, this is a truly inspiring story. Noma Restaurant is awarded already four times as the best restaurant in the world. The way René and his team brainstorm, focus, innovate, test ideas and give each other feedback in a way that is 'hard on the matter, soft on the people', is inspiring for many companies.

Please watch the trailer of the movie here >>

Paul Donkers