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Executive career transition

Whether you’re looking for the same job in a comparable organisation, to continue your career in another industry, or you want to start your own business, our program provides you with the roadmap to work on your professional future.

In our program, we combine structure with personal attention. The combination of the two differentiates our approach.

At tèn career transition we use eight milestones to help you achieve your goal as quickly as possible and maintain oversight on your project. On average, a career change takes about six months. But there are no average people. A short program sometimes only takes three months. While for a senior executive the right search can take up to 15 months. More important is the quality and the quantity of your work. We see career transition as a working project, that takes between 15 and 35 hours work per week. That’s the way to find the best next step, as quickly as possible.

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In our programs, we use the attitude of the different working generations towards work and life. For example, a program for a baby boomer, on average, will take longer and have more self exploration elements. While, for generation X and millennials the program will predominantly consist of tools and provide coaching with their career choice.
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