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Personal Development Roadmaps

Are you doing what you really want to do with your life, or have you drifted away from your original ideas? Are you mostly looking for short-term kicks, or do you balance your time and energy with creating meaning for the longer term? Are you in control of where you are going, or are you mostly led by outside triggers?

Marshall Goldsmith writes about finding your life purpose in his book MOJO. He says, “in life there are five things that are most important.” We have to figure these out.

Read my article on LinkedIn and download the MOJO balance charts below

My own professional MOJO balance for a week in the spring of 2017

Download your own blank MOJO balance chart here (PDF)

Below you will find the examples from the book.
Click on the image to download the corresponding PDR (Personal Development Roadmap).

Personal Development Roadmap Erik

Personal Development Roadmap Miriam

Personal Development Roadmap William

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