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Through our Strategy-into-action program you are able to achieve 20 - 50% of increased profitability and additional revenue in three years. Without adding extra resources.

"I continue to work with tèn company and would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to drive continued sustainable profitable growth"

Pascale Meulemeester
Vice president Global Gourmet Barry Callebaut

"The results of this approach are truly amazing"

Wim van Roy, entrepreneur, partner & owner Oxygenium

Market research shows that more than 85% of CEO’s are satisfied with their strategy. But only 15% of CEO’s are happy with the execution of the strategy!

Our approach is very pragmatic. We help companies to really transform their business and to capture it's full potential. Without adding more resources! We work according to the following principles.

  • A time horizon of 12 - 18 months per program
  • We work with an extended group of important stakeholders. People coming from different divisions and functions. This group can be up to 40-45 people.
  • Together we check on the strategy, values and mission.
  • We collect bottom up input for the current reality. Do we all know what we need to know?
  • Decide the priorities for 'do better' and 'do new'
  • Translate the priorities into actions, KPI's and owners.
  • Develop the one-pager Balanced Business Plan for the company. Your dashboard to bring the company forward.
  • Coach on the spot and implement the monitoring of progress
  • You develop the next generation of your leaders


Click for the scheme 'Change Management'.

Another positive side effect is that we are usually able to fight silos with this approach. 

The average duration this program into your own company is often three years. The fist year is usually more intense. The second and third year it's a little less. Some of our clients run this program independent after the third year. And some of our clients like to have us with them to continue to facilitate their process.

More of our columns and our vision about strategy execution can be found in our library

"Herman and Paul have supported our Global Gourmet Strategy into Action for the past 6 years. Their expertise, experience, flexible and practical style along with their ability to create a bespoke approach for our Global Gourmet business within the wider Barry Callebaut has been invaluable for our success and team development. I continue to work with tèn company and would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to drive continued sustainable profitable growth."

Pascale Meulemeester
Vice President Global Gourmet Brand Marketing
Barry Callebaut
March 2018

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