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Our executive coaching program is transformational. It gives you the insights and the tools to take a huge step forward in within 12 months.

"You'd wish for every manager an executive coach like Paul."

Ludo van der Poel, CEO Vivisol Benelux, UK and Ireland 

In our executive coaching program we assist successful business leaders to become even more successful. This transformational program is designed to accelerate growth. It's truly an investment in your personal and professional life.

"Your behavior is not you"

We are often addicted to some of our behaviors, because they served us well in the past. So we keep doing them. But today, sometimes these same behaviors are also the behaviors that are holding us back from the next step.

While your skills are a 'given' at some point in your career, the biggest mistake we often make is not recognizing that our leadership behavior gets more and more important as we move up the ladder. Our technical skills at the same time become less important. We become victims of inertia. The transformation then comes from combining a great skill set ànd showing effective behavior.

How does our program work?

In a typical engagement, the leader and our executive coach work together to select the behaviors that will have most impact on the leader’s performance. Based on a briefing or a 360 degree leadership assessment. You will get ongoing actionable advice from your executive coach. Once the program is in full swing, the leader and the coach will determine an appropriate meeting frequency. 

Behavioral change requires at least a year to be fully automated. It will take often six months alone before people around the leader start to recognize that some of the 'old' behaviors have changed. They don't note it immediately! The real acid test is the next crisis, frustration or next dark day. A year at least is needed, with focus on just one or two behaviors. Not more.

If appropriate, we actively involve important stakeholders around the business leader during our program. 

We work with business leaders worldwide. 

Our coaching program can be further customized for you to deep dive in.

  • Grooming for CEO or other senior leadership role
  • Executive presence
  • Stakeholder centered coaching
  • Managing stakeholders
  • Communication and public speaking skills
  • Leading a global team
  • Leading a virtual team
  • Managing ambiguity and uncertainty
  • Leading productive meetings
  • Coaching for innovation
  • Coaching for strategy-into-action
  • First 100 days in a new role
  • Building self-confidence
  • Building and developing my team
  • Personal Development Roadmap
  • Succession
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