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Career transition

This program helps you not just to take the next step, but helps you to take the right next step in your career. And that's a huge difference. This transformational program is designed to accelerate your professional and personal growth. Our career transition program is an investment for your personal and your professional life; for the short ànd for the long term.

Whether you’re looking for the same job in a comparable organisation. You want to continue your career in another industry. Or you want to start or buy your own business. Our career transition program provides you with the inspiration, tools and roadmap to work on your professional future.

This program is fully customized to your specific needs. Delivery is mostly via a series of one-on-one sessions with your executive coach. The length of the program is 12 months. 

Our program is unique.

  • You only work with a senior consultant. Your consultant is always an independent entrepreneur where you have unlimited access. We never count time. We only count impact.
  • Acces to our global network.
  • Acces to tèn's global colleagues.
  • Access to alumni and current coachees in our network.
  • Integration of our personal approach in a logical eight step program.
  • Integration of MRG's assessment suite into your program. The best assessment in the industry. Working with your drivers and your leadership behaviors.
  • Access to our unique, black box headhunter database. Here, we keep track of personal experiences of our coachees with headhunters in Europe. Always up-to-date with cloud access for you from any internet device.
  • We have more then 20 years of personal experience with senior career transitions.
  • We deliver our program for our clients worldwide. 
In our program, we use eight milestones to help you achieve your goal. This program helps you to navigate through your own process in a logical way. 

Click for the scheme 'Executive Career Transition'.

Please let us know if you want to know more about this program. We'd be happy to discuss any questions you might have.
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